Friday, October 31, 2014

Kernel of Corruption

In a genetically damaged world, absolute truth is always corrupted by reason of it's regurgitation by those deluded 'omnipotent' creatures claiming to know the heart of man, with one exception notwithstanding:

Mankind is rendered imperfect and will always taint the truth with it's own desires.  There was only one man, and remains a single soul selfless enough to have the empathy needed to convey the pure unadulterated truth to others.  Those who dare seek to emulate that perfect soul, will suffer the wrath of those who only desire it's demonstrable authority.  Authoritarians engineer artificial and otherwise arbitrary legal mechanisms while distancing themselves from reality and the natural world; the natural order being that mankind's authority is limited to the governance of his own flesh...if at all possible.
The organic and natural manifestation of man's flesh includes the paternal structure seen in the nuclear family and was intended to continue infinitely throughout the generations, but includes the perishable material aspects in which mankind manages that flesh.  Take away man's authority to govern his own flesh and he becomes a slave to an abominable machine who's makeup is the collective authoritarian spirits, both self ascribed and democratically appointed, all claiming to be the protectors of our flesh while incrementally enslaving it.

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