Thursday, November 6, 2014

More on anti-Zionism

The word Zionism, in it's popular use is a misnomer that it is used by secularists to describe those of varying and often contradicting religious ideologies.  This popular red herring outcry against Zionists played a large role a century ago in the chaos and warfare of Eastern Europe and in more recent decades, the chaos and warfare in the Middle East.  We will surely see the same fruits in America by the many who are justifiably looking for the perpetrators of the devastation and manipulation of nearly every once sovereign nation.  But Americans really need to be smarter than that if we want to return to liberty and a rule-of-law.  I won't even address the ridiculous and bigoted nature of blaming ones DNA for their world view, which seems to always accompany the demonization of "Zionists".
Zionism's accusers are addressing a system of religious and spiritual manipulation toward a global dictatorship.  What they likely do not know is that this system is the 666 anti-messiah of Protestant Christianity that capitalizes on fundamental Hebrew elements at the core of the world's major religions.  There certainly are rich and influential families and groups that have engineered a synthetic fulfillment of prophecy over centuries and generations in an effort to place their world ruler on a throne at Mt. Zion.  The plan is a global central government and one world religion, and was first introduced in Nimrod's Ancient Babylon.  It's the religion and politics Coup de GrĂ¢ce that remains as the lowest common denominator of mankind's ambition, a global central organized hell on earth.

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