Saturday, March 10, 2012

With a note of sarcasm: Zionism

I wrote this book called Zionism for Dummies. It simply states, “Zionists are the spawn of Satan.” I mean, what else do you need to know? I’ve had friends, family, neighbors, people everywhere from off the street come up to me and thank me for writing this book. “It’s so clear now!”, they say to me. “World history is so complicated and full of so many seemingly unrelated events, it’s all just a conspiracy between Satan and the Zionists the whole time. Thank God you wrote this book! The world makes so much sense to me now, I can’t believe I didn’t see it before!” If you enjoyed Zionism for Dummies, then you'll love my next book: The Dark Ages for Dummies where we identify the misfortunes of Europe via the evil Catholics.

But seriously:
The Fabian Socialist plan was and is to use communism and fascism to destabilize Europe and then wage world wars to consolidate it. It goes without saying that, 'what's good for Europe is good for the rest of the world.' Then setup the State of Israel to 'cleanse' the future headquarters and the root of any culture that would compete with their system. At the end of that phase, they will destroy their synthetic fruit and set up their world capitol.

We can see stage being set and know the hour is getting near by realizing the increased volume and tone of Zionist/anti-Zionist propaganda being disseminated; 'Those demonic Zionist Jews, we need another holocaust. We need to just rid the world of Sabbath / Torah keepers. Once we have our World government established, we can pass Blue laws and implement capital punishment for non-sun worshipers. One government, one religion...only then will we attain world peace.'

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