Saturday, March 10, 2012

True Anarchy

I support the idea of Anarchy because by strict definition, it doesn't nor can ever exist.  It's merely a means to an end, like dying to one's self to be reborn eternal.  Anything outside of Worldly systems are of the Heavenly Kingdom, remove all synthetic authority and only the Kingdom of Heaven remains; a natural and organic order.
Removing the King of England and acknowledging a monotheistic deity Creator as the only sovereign over the individual, was the greatest battle won by mankind against world authority to date.  But we've since backslidden into arguably a more dangerous serfdom than of old, a serfdom of our own choosing.  If we cannot admit the liberty we've lost as being relative to the security of our lives and property, I don't see how to progress any further.  Unfortunately at present, it seems we fearfully cling to our authoritarian masters at the expense of the merciful gift of liberty that we've been given.
I see a synthetic system in Anarchy theology as well.  Some that would manipulate an idea for malevolent purposes have formed various doctrines, of which simply betray the principle of pure Anarchy.  Muddled quasi Anarchy is not really Anarchy at all but merely conflicting logic and a blending of all failed systems of governance much like what we have at present, resulting in mere chaos.  And for many self ascribed Anarchists, chaos being their true motivation to the point where Anarchy has been associated thus.
     Each one of us is tangled up in the worldly systems to some degree or another, we were born into it.  Being outside the synthetic paradigms are a constant state of mind to be carefully tended and cannot accurately rest within associations and the majority of doctrines because mans definitions of reality are inevitably fallible.  Aside from becoming a hermit in the wilderness, there's no escaping synthetic paradigms.  It's a fight until the end, all we can do is support what is good and oppose what is bad.  Improvise and adapt to new realities every day by not  limiting oneself in where truth and light is to be brought.

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