Friday, July 22, 2011

The other side of the looking glass.

One must realize that the norms of society influence our perception of what is and should be. But when held to the light of an infinite narrative historically and into the future, what is and should be takes on it's true relation to the current societal norms. This is why an exhaustive study of history is so important, because it is our only scientific means of gauging the activities of conventional society and what we might expect tomorrow to bring. Cause and effect is mostly speculative when dealing with human nature, but only in the collective history of mankind do we hope to understand our species, and in understanding are able to effectively navigate socially.
It doesn't take much research into human nature and it's history to realize that insanity is the norm, and rational behavior the exception. This is the core of why I am cynical and a non-conformist in every aspect. Societal norms are typically inane traditions that don't require any conscious thought, while people regurgitate and proliferate disinformation for the most trivial rewards.
Question your perception of reality and maybe you'll be insane like me, or is it sane like me? It's all merely which side of the looking glass you're on.

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